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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, I went to go see the movie Inception with my mom and my aunt. We were celebrating how both of their birthdays fall on the same week.
So we sit down in the packed theater and the buzz of people talking in anticipation starts to get me insanely pumped. Especially since my darling Joseph Gordon-Levitt(see post below) will be co-starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio(eh, not as cool).
From start to finish, there was a lot of confusion and bang bang BOOM and death. But what else can you expect from an action movie? Generally, I'm not one to enjoy a production of this genre, but it kept me entertained the entire two and half hours, which is roughly the point of a movie. Think about it. What's the whole message of all the media besides to entertain or to inform? Not much any other options.

But I digress...

It was all about invading the dreams of others to get confidential information and secrets that were crucially important. The team of "dream invaders" were on what they called a "job". Which was just a synonym for a mission. I didn't fully understand what they were experiencing until at least half way through the movie, and I'm still not positive that I understand now. They were in a dream, in a dream, in a dream, in someone's subconscious. And you know how you can sometimes wake yourself up by killing yourself in a dream? Well, they would kill themselves in one dream, wake up in the next, die, wake up in the next, die, the next, die, then real life. No more dying. I often found it challenging to keep up with the bursts of moments happening here and there. But like I said, it was entertaining. Exhilarating, thrilling, suspenseful, fast paced, and everything else that a perfect action movie needs.

I've never seen Joseph in such an intense motion picture, and it only further convinced me that he is the best actor alive because he pulled it off so stunningly (lovelovelovelove)

If you're interested in seeing the trailer because I make zero sense in my pathetic excuses of movie reviews, click here. Enjoy in all of it's epic glory.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Just realized how disorganized this post it. My apologies about that. My overall statement I was

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