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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ingrid Michaelson

What a gift to the music world. Ingrid Michaelson. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and unique. Her personality is evident in every note of every harmony of every song. Her vocal arrangement is impressive. My aunt describes it as somewhat of a yodel. But a lovely yodel, indeed.

I first discovered her music during a choir event called Singing Waiter. One of the girls, Brooke, sang the song "The Way I Am". I fell in love with the sound so much that I immediately researched it the moment I got home.

"Hmm, Ingrid Michaelson? I've never heard of her. Well, I don't think I have. Maybe... I guess the name sounds slightly familiar".

I can recall saying that to the YouTube video on my laptop screen. After listening to that one song, I was hooked and continued to click on each available cover of hers that YouTube had to offer. And then that night, my love for her was born. Half a year later, I am still a devoted fan to the most down-to-earth artist to break through to fame in her humble bumble disposition.

Ingrid Michaelson is for the fans of: Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat(sp?), Priscilla Ahn, A Fine Frenzy, and pehaps Regina Spektor. Spektor and Michaelson have a very similar quality to their voices in the way that they utilize tone and range, but Spektor is generally accompanied by piano, whereas Michaelson sticks to the guitar and the ukelele.

There's my overall review of one of my favorite artists. If you don't already know her, then look her up. If you don't already love her, isolate yourself in a room with just her music playing. You'll love her.
Also, I'm thinking of updating my photo blog regularly again, so definitely keep an eye out for that. I'll post links on this website, too.

Have a great day-before-hump-day!!!


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