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Friday, July 9, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

I'm feeling a bit more positive, compared to last night, at least. Honestly, I'm more neutral than anything else. Just hanging in there and whatever. Sipping my Lipton Green Tea :D Delicious.

It's all just the same old, same old.

Today I went to the mall and bought my mom's favorite kind of lotion for her birthday in a week. Hope she likes it. I'm sure she will. No doubt. No sarcasm, either. ;)

Then Sears Auto Shop was replacing the front two tires of our family car, so we can feel safer heading down to Solvang tomorrow. They claimed that it would take two hours because they were so backed up, but after the promised 120 minutes, they had not even started the job. So we were there about three hours, eating Subway sandwiches, talking to other impatient folks in the waiting room, and visiting every store in the mall. I ran into Malissa and her whole family, pleasant surprise :) Her little sisters are so cute! Muaha, wish I had some of my own. But alas, mother fails me. I forgive her, though. I have my kitty cat. A Henry who was very pleased to see us returning. *purrrr*

I'm just going to chillax for the rest of the evening and practice guitar, surf the web, read, and maybe go hiking tonight con mi madre. Have a lovely rest of the day and be well, all!

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