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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today's blog post title is going to be a smiley face. Because you can never see too many smiles in one lifetime. Unless it's a pyschotic smile. But you know, there are exceptions to everthing.

Today was a boring, yet somehow eventful and peaceful day. I got along well with my dad, which is a success in itself. We ran errands together, and I got an extension for my ladybug bracelet. I can finally wear it without fear of snapping it into pieces.

Then we went to Tropical Illusion, an amazing place that sells fish of all types. I saw Jessie, my us-to-be-best-friend's sister. I'll get into that story when I have more time.

Mom's new used phone from eBay arrived. A blue palm centro to replace her other blue palm centro. It has dents all over the place. We are currently looking for a case.

Ew there's a spider on the floor next to me. I made my mom kill it :P

Anyway, I cleaned the backyard, ran after my kitty Henry(who officially knows how to open our patio door!!!!), and practiced my guitar strumming.

I went ice skating with Jennifer, Joanna, and Jingyi. Wow, all Asian and all J's. What a coincidence. It was a jolly occassion, considering I haven't ice skated in over a year. I'll have to go more often now!

Who knows what tomorrow holds for me, but that is just one of the many beauties of summer. Even though it's cold in California and scorching on the east coast. Really makes sense... Gee thanks, global warming.
Now I'm exhausted and I'm going to stop before this gets too confusing. Good night!


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