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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Stop Me Now

I'm havin such a good time. I'm having a ball.

Never thought I'd find myself saying that. Generally, I'm a pretty hateful person in several different ways, but this has officially been a solid week of fantasticisticamazingerrificunbelievableperfectlovelydelightfuleverythinggoodandjustintheworldlooooveddays one after the other.
Saturday: China town for the first time
Sunday: relaxing day at library and then shopping
Monday: at Lena's house playing RockBand Beatles version
Tuesday: malling and shopping with Casey
Wednesday: hiking with Jennifer for the first time. Then Menchie's fro-yo. Ballet class. Benefit Concert.
Thursday: yoga class and hiking and playing on a playground with Casey. Oh, and picnic-ing. Last guitar lesson. <-- good because I didn't like them.
Friday: Lena's sweet sixteen birthday bash. Complete with swimming and jacuzzing for the first time all summer and watching Across the Universe.
And then today?
Watching Eclipse with Malissa and Ines, buying new tennis shoes(woohoo clearance rack!!), hiking with mom, seeing THREE SNAKES on said hike, watching Eclipse a second time con mí madre y sneaking in comida(Johnny Rockets) en el teatre por la cena. Muy sabrosa. Soy feliz.
(My apologies, my Spanish grammer is disgraceful)
And tomorrow? Fourth of July with Katherine and her familia!!! Woohooo!!! And then next week... Eclipse with Rachel, Andrea, Holly, and Julie. Third time YEAH!! Ice skating with Jennifer and Ines on Tuesday evening. Dance wed. Yoga Thursday. Ohmygawd life is so good right now. Something bad is approaching then... That's just the way it works.

But for now, let's soak up the positives. Excuse me while I enjoy the last few scenes of Mamma Mia, one of the best movies to be produced with a few exceptions. I want to learn Our Last Summer on guitar!!

Wishing everyone a lovely fourth of July
Cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers to all :D

Mood: high off of life
Happiness: 10/10

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