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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Bee


Hope you're Hump Day was a good one ;)

So much going this week. Well, sort of. Well, not really. More like starting this evening and continuing onto tomorrow. The day started off with a delicious beef tamale from Trader Joes. Mmmm. Very yummy. Then off to yoga with Casey! I absolutely adore my yoga hour. I look forward to it. SO much fun!! Gah, it needs to be longer than just an hour. I think mommy is going to let me get a yoga mat soon if we find one :D

Sidenote: Ballet last night was challenging, but fun as usual. Our instructor leveled me up to more releve and half pirouettes on releve as opposed to balancing flat foot. Check me out, I'm improving :)

Back to the real post: Then daddy and I visited this condo in a lovely location in our city that we can afford. Three bedrooms. One and a half bathrooms(this is kind of a bummer here), and couple hundred square feet bigger than what we have now. The entrance is pretty squishy, and we'd have to share one wall with a neighbor, but it's a nice place in a nice setting with nice people and nice appliances with a nice price. NICE. Also, I am officially my family's "TomTom". You know, one of those GPS systems. I'm really good at directions and when I'm on my blackberry, I'm on top of everything. Like in that movie, The Devil Wears Prada. I want to do that when I grow up. I can handle it ;) maybe in the future. <-- Ingrid Michaelson reference.

Later at night, mumsie, popsie, and I had din din at Habit Hamburger joint. Not bad. As for the remaining hours of the day, I hung out with my friend Cameron at the mall. There was an Elvis tribute going on, and we even got a picture with him! SHYEAH! And Paciugo, a.k.a. only the best gelato in town.

Tomorrow I have an orthodontist appointment at three in the afternoon. Hopefully that won't take too long because I'm seeing Ramona and Beezus with a group of friends tomorrow at 4:20. I think the girls will include Juliet F., Leslie A., Casey K., and Jaclyn K. Should be an enjoyable time :D

It's starts to get slightly more complicated right about now. Katherine's voice recital at the college is at 7:00; I'll be arriving 6:45 for seats. Semi formal, open to public, showcase of talents. In general, an event to look forward to. I've timed the movie out so that it should end about twenty minutes before I have to go her show. Meaning, I'll be wearing my semi-formal attire to the orthodontist, straight to the movies, then directly to the show as I scarf down dinner on the car ride over. But you know what? I love overbooking myself and having a busy bee schedule. I relish the rushing sensations as there is always one anticipation to fill in the place of the previous excitement. It's a never ending cycle of WHOOSHING in my heart :D

Oh, I am so very sappy. But Happy. And rhymey. Doctor Seuss, what have you done to our society?

Also! Linkage! I started an account on those who don't know, WHATTHEBUCK youtube celeb introduced it to me, and it's a website for people show their talents whether it be voice, video, photography, or err some other category that I can't quite remember. My username is karmaberry, so check me out! Well, not quite, because I don't have any photography up yet. I'll link to that when I get the chance. Same to my other blog, which is currently "under construction" because I want to redesign the layout. It'll be shnazzy the next time you see it. wee :D Guess what? I forgot to put the end parenthesis sign. Did you notice? So I'll put it right.......

here )

Have a lovely Friday!

With love,

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