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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday of Serendipity

Last night was the last dance of the school year. Sad to say it, but I did not find it all that thrilling. Of course I met with friends, and I even spoke to a few I haven't seen in a few months. However, the night's overall mood failed to really capture me.

On another note, only one more week remains of the school year. Friday will be filled with sadness and happiness and blah blah blah.

Because I have been inspired by my dear friend, Rachel, I will now write a haiku.

Haiku, oh, haiku
The loveliest of them all
Where art thou, haiku


Learn Live Hope


HG said...

yeah i agree, i mean it was fun but not as great as i had hoped. i dunno.

nice haiku. imma write one too! (whoa that rhymed)

I really do suck
at writing haiku so please
be nice, i did try

xD yeah thats right.

rachelgee said...

thats hawt
my favorite one in the world is still

This is a Haiku
It does not make any sense