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Monday, June 22, 2009

I promise....For Real

I promise you this time I'll keep it short. Really short. Not like my "short" post a few days ago. Anyways, still keeping the physical fitness stuff up. I seem to be stuck at 15 push ups. :( One day, I will reach 16.

And, I think we got the house. We've been househunting, and we just might maybe perhaps a tid bit..... have it. If we get it, we'll have a huge backyard with a swimming pool and nice size house itself near school and in the same city. Get this.... we'll get a dog if we get this house. I sure hope so.


P.S. four solid days of mouth soreness and pain. Yes, incredibly, it STILL hurts. Oh, gawd.

Talk to you later, the realtor is calling. :)


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