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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rant Hour

Title: Rant Hour
Topic: Jon & Kate Plus 8

You've heard about this situation, haven't you? If you haven't, then basically...
Jon and Kate Gosselin are parents of eight children(two fraternal twins and six sextuplets). They were such a miracle birth that they gained fame through their TLC series 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. It was a real life show of a camera crew following them around and observing their everyday life as a family of ten. Which was quite hectic, if you've never seen it. Woah, there, hectic. Anyways, the couple had been having marital issues, and there were many allegations such as Jon being at a bar with college age girls. After months of toil, their ten year marriage was legally collapsed(as in it never happened) this past Monday, June 22. They publicly announced it on a one hour special announcement on TLC. They have worked out a schedule where they will be at the house shooting episodes and spending time with their children, but at separate times. Which brings us to now. How will this affect their series and more importantly(by FAR), their children. One child is enough in a divorce situation, but eight? Ouch. What is really devastating is that they worked against the statistics to conquer the numbers that proved parents of multiples have a higher divorce rate. It's sad to say that they are just numbers in the legal world now.

Wow, that's all of the top of my head. I'm so pathetic. I'm not trying to be a lowly person whose seeking out every bit of their life and stalking them, but I've been a fan of their family since the little ones first appeared on the series. They were such an inspiration to me, and I must admit, I'm definitely broken to see where their situation has headed. But despite all, I refuse to let this go. I am a proud supporter of their family and I wish SO MUCH that things could have turned out differently. But they didn't. They won't. I would just like to say that for the sake of the children, Jon & Kate must not be given a negative reputation. The crucial thing in this situation is not to bash their parenting skills but to provide the eight children with an environment that will mold them into well-rounded human beings. Can you imagine being so young and just hardly being able to understand why their names are known nationally? Or why mommy and daddy don't live with each other anymore? It's just terrible.

Sorry, this didn't end up the way I expected. I meant to go on and on and on and on and on and on about which parent I like better(not saying it now...), but it occurred to me that I would be just like one of those paparazzi people, which I somewhat am. But it's really a topic that I have a lot of opinions about. And I would like to share them on my blog. No hating towards them, I think they're phenomenal people. Bottom line: despite all the sadness and anger that has been created from the situation, the children are the most important aspects to me. They cannot be broken because of what has happened.

P.S. I don't think the media is entirely the fault for this. If you watch the two of them, they don't exactly work in perfect synchronization. Not that they should, but they fight.. a lot. And it's been this way for a while. And they JUST renewed their vows in Hawaii in August(I believe). Okay, getting carried away. I'm going to stop abruptly now.


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