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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So you know how the family is house hunting? well, we found this awesome little house just right for my family, and we just might get it if no one else overbids us. apparently, there is a 98% chance of us getting it, which is obviously great, but i can't let myself get excited until i know for sure. please oh please let us get it!!!!!

and no, i don't feel like capitalizing today.

and yes, i am still sad for jon & kate plus 8. if u didn't catch it last night, tune into tlc tonight at 8:00. bring tissues. if u have a heart, that is...

and for some reason, i've taken a sudden liking to a new font. i think i'll change my blog to it.

feeling bloggy. nothing to say, though. just really nervous. really really nervous. listening to i'm yours by jason mraz. makes me feel better in every situation. jason mraz pride. love. we sing. we dance. we steal things.

ughh. i need distraction.

youtube, here i come.


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