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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm keeping this short, I promise.

I apologize for the inconsistency, but my laptop died(great, right in time for online summer courses starting Monday). The family computer is my only source of the internet in the house. So, it'll probably be difficult for me to update this.

Secondly, I just got back from the dentists about half an hour ago. They pulled out three of my teeth. THREE. AT THE SAME TIME. Not okay with me. But I didn't really have any say in the decision. Blame my braces. I'm mad at them now. Anyways, they started off by numbing me. Ever been numbed? They stick needles in your gum and then shake the needles to make sure everything gets into your mouth. They tell you it's only a "little pinch", but it is not a "little" pinch. It's definitely a bit more than "little". But, maybe I'm exaggerating. I hate needles. Then you wait for a bit to make sure the solution sets in. After twenty minutes, they come back and give you another "little pinch" above each tooth just to be sure that you won't feel anything while they tear your mouth apart. Since I had three teeth and two "little pinches" for each tooth, I received six "little pinches". Ouchie. That was Captain Ouchie to me. You don't feel too much pain, but you can feel the tools yanking your teeth out. It's an odd sensation. Took maybe five to ten minutes for the actual removal.

Now, I'm just relaxing and ignoring the constant throbbing. And to think I'm still apparently numb. I'll be in pain for a day or so after, and my mouth will be swollen for several days afterwards. Oooh joy. So, I'll be in my room watching DVD's. Did I mention no solid food and strenuous activity?

Was this a long post? I guess it depends on the person. Technically, I kept my promise. I'm off to change the cotton in my mouth!!!!


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chattypatra said...

Ouchie indeed. Sorry you've had such a hard time at the dentist. Hope you feel better soon.

P.S: Did you hear about Jon & Kate? When I heard the news on the divorce I thought right away that you'd be sad. Hasn't almost every couple who's done a reality show end up divorced? It's just terrible!