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Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon... Then Kate...

I just watched the Big Announcement episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. They have publicly announced their separation. Today, June 22, 2009, is the exact day that they had their marriage of ten years dissolved. As in annulled. As in their marriage never happened. Honestly, I am about this close to crying. I've watched their series for such a long time, and it breaks my heart to see their life come to a break like this. What hurts the most is that they strived to avoid becoming a statistic. They wanted to lower the rates of divorce between parents of multiples. And although the show will continue with a separate episode schedule for both Jon and Kate, it will never be the same. I truly wish there was something I could do for them. I have such strong feelings for this situation. The whole idea just hits home. And to think the legal action took place today. It's done. No turning back for them. No witty comments in this post.


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