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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hump Day Wednesday

Oh, yes. Today is Hump Day. Feel the mighty power that is the hump. *keep it clean peeps*

In case you didn't know(which you most likely don't), I have created a new blog dedicated to just my photography. I strongly encourage you to check it out by scrolling to the bottom of my profile. Check that smutch out.

No more thinking for the school year yay!!!!! Today was the last full day at my school. Tomorrow is half day, Thursday is a field trip(not telling you where, you sneaky little stalkers, you), and Friday is graduation. Ohhhhhh, the memories of these past few years. Unfortunately, the majority of them make me all sad and numb. But what goes down must come out. *apologizes for cheesy cliche*

Yes, more drama. It's getting pretty bad. But I was thinking, what if the wrong person were to read this. Maybe I'll keep quiet for today. But I'll spill only if you make me.

Oh, Wow. I'm stupid. I just realized it's not Wednesday. Which means it's not Hump Day. I am too lazy to go back and change all that. What. A. Shame.


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rachelgee said...

i love you taylor... i just love how you dont realize that its not hump day until the end... and at that point it just doesnt matter anymore because in your mind it is[:

The Blogger Girls said...

This is Delaney.
I know that you have had a rough past month/months/weeks, but is it too much to ask . . . . Why did you stop following our blog, me and Emma?Just wondering, I mean I still have your comments saved because they mean a lot to us. And it was really great when you were, and we wouldn't turn down another follower actually we could really use it, and we kind of . . . . tell me if I sound selfish, Ellie, we kind of need it. I was just talking to Emma today and she was wondering the same thing and she asked about you. How did you get so many viewers/followers. Do you have any tips fo 12 year old girls?
Any thing would be appreciated.
Thanks! One of your very devoted followers,