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Monday, June 15, 2009

Muh Muh Muh Monday

Today is the first Monday of summer vacation, and I can guarantee that I will be ready for school to start by the end of August. Every school year, I long for the June, July and August months where the most stressful activity is picking out an outfit for the day. However, during those months of actual relaxation, I'm beyond bored and lonely. This summer, I'm not going to let that happen. I'm going to get active and stay active.

My mum and I will be walking up and down this nearby hill(hopefully) a few times a week. Last night was our first go at the challenge. Easy enough, I've been up there before. I've neglected my nightly exercises this weekend, but I'm going to pick the pace back up this evening. I believe I'm up to 14 or 15 push ups.

Unlike last year, I am going to keep in touch with all of my friends by seeing them in person, rather than communicating through social networking. In other words, I'll be phoning up friends to see a movie or go to the mall. I already have a mall appointment for this Wednesday. RGC and AMS, the three of us need to go. And soon.

Something exciting happened to me on Saturday. I sort of don't want to share it because I can assure you that I'm the only one who is excited about this. You may or may not have known this, but my hair can be ridiculously stubborn and uncooperative. I've finally found the hero who can tame the devil within my hair. And that hero is package of 100 bobby pins. As pathetic and sad as I am, I did not own any more bobby pins. I find it exhilarating to have the capability to pin back my bangs and those unruly little strands.

Have a scrumptious rest of your Monday


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AMS said...

u wanna make plans? just call me and im there! (except for the rest of this week, im free any time from sunday on.) so u better call me, woman!

i love u!!!