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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chika Chika Boom Boom

I so would love to show you pictures of random things, like my chipped nail, my shoes, or my calendar I have in my room. But, I do not exactly have a digital camera. I wish I had one so that way I could upload things onto my laptop. I could use my mom's, but that is really hers and is normally used only for vacations and stuff, you know?

I did a bit of extra homework in advance(well, okay. only math, but still), so a tiny burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I am just depressed because the weekend does not start tomorrow. But, that is okay, I can live without it.

So, I have discovered that I like Colbie Caillat. Well, I got her song , "Bubbly", a LONG TIME AGO, but I just found out that I like the song, "Realize". I am actually listening to it right now. I am not obsessed with her, but I felt as if I should just share that with you. I still like lots of other songs, though. Like No One by Alicia Keys and My Immortal by Evanescence.

Okay, well, gotta go now. I am kind of bored, and I need to find pics for this post(because I do not have a digital camera!)

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Tal said...

yes, FRIDAY!
I just came back from a basketball game of my shcool. We got the championship which is totally awesome! :)
Got things in advance? Lucky you, I barely finish what I have to do.... :)