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Monday, February 18, 2008


I have been wanting and trying to write up this post for nearly ten minutes now. But the laptop is located right next to the television. I cannot help but get DISTRACTED by the colorful pictures, luring sounds, and everything you can find in a box. I try to turn around but the DISTRACTIONS are too strong. I have been DISTRACTED many times before in many different ways.

See? Well, you cannot, but I just wasted about three minutes being DISTRACTED by cracking open nutshells and eating them. They were pistachios, just so you know.

In the shower, I get DISTRACTED by the warmth of the water. My parents are always requesting that I get in, then get out to save water. I try, but that does not normally happen.

When I really get to thinking, though, I do not believe that these simple things are DISTRACTIONS. I more or less believe that they are works of mind through PrOcRaStInAtIoN. I think that I am really just PrOcRaStInAtInG when I am doing things. I feel like I am putting things off.

You might find this hard to believe, but it has taken me about half an hour just to do this post. I am hereby blaming it on pistachios and television.


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anna_banana said...

DISTRACTIONS can be good sometimes. But PrOcRaStInAtInG can be dangerous. LOL.