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Saturday, February 2, 2008

One Fiesty Crab

Today my family went to this Asian Ranch Market in the valley. I love going there, but because of the crowds we don't go there often. Like normal, we got our routine treats, meat, vegetables, etc. Then, we headed for the fresh seafood area where fish, crabs, clams, lobsters, and all other seafood are displayed infront of a sea of people. My Dad had the prongs and my Mom had the plastic bag; I was standing somewhat between/behind them. They were struggling to get the second juicy crab into the bag. It just wouldn't go. The legs were sprawled out so we had to make sure it didn't claw at us. Then it grabbed the bag and wouldn't let go. It was even flung into the tub of clams. We finally got it in, with a lot of effort, because it was still kicking in there.

This is why I love going to the market. Everyone around didn't even think about it as weird or unusual.


Tal said...

Aren't you supposed to buy the food dead? XD
Anyways, I heard about the movie but I've never seen it. In fact, the last time I've been to a movie was in the summer (which is long time ago) but I kind of survive without it, though I want to see Juno. Everyone say it's the best movie.
I'm doing pretty good, a lot of homework, projects and tests coming up this week, but it will be good.
And next Sunday's my bday so I might do something, or maybe not, we'll see.
What about you, except for school? Doing anything good for president day weekend?

Tal said...

Who cares about spelling mistakes (well people care but I mean, I'm not going to lecture you about it or anything.)
Why do you have so many research projects? That's kinda insane...
Happy saturday to you too
And stop working so hard on school. It's weekend for god sake!
(Just wondering since the first comment you wrote in my blog, what grade are you? And you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it.)
The crabs moved 3 after 3 hours in the freezer? Jesus