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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Okay, well. Happy Tuesday! Everything to day has gone fairly well for a starter of the week(since school had no existence in this world yesterday). Despite the positive start, I am still PrOcRaStInAtInG when it comes to me project. I am nearly done, but I just cannot seem to put myself to the work. I do not feel entirely bad, though, because I have heard people in the halls who have not even started at all. See? I am SO not that bad.
I have nothing really exciting to say. So, I will tell you something totally unnecessary, yet still somehow wonderful! I have got in a fresh new pair of contacts today. Pretty cool, huh? I have to change every two weeks, ever since my vision worsened. I used to be free for an entire month, but then my eyes made the huge negative jump, which my optometrist said was quite normal. I personally do not like having vision issues, but that way I will never have to wonder what life would have been like without them.
My parents are always wondering what they did wrong with me to have my eyes turn out so rotten. Mom has two theories: the first being this ritual past on through her family that the mother must do with her child while it is whatever. I do not know it all. No one in my Mom's side of the family has any problems, and apparently my grandmother did not tell my Mom this secret. I have eaten many carrots in my youth, but I do not know what to think. I somewhat believe these ancient rituals because my Mom did this thing while I was younger( I do not want to say because it is in my family ONLY), and it was meant to help my in academics later on. Now, I am smartish, in my opinion.
My Mom's other theory is that I read in the dim light too much. I personally do not think that the light I read in is obscure, but she does, so I deal with it.



anna_banana said...

happy tuesday!Just to let you know, but i dont have a blog or website or whatev, i just comment on toher peoples cuz its fun

Tal said...

Eye problems aren't fun, but you just learn to live with it, it's not like you have another choice, right?
Take care