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Saturday, February 9, 2008


The very first thing that really got me interested in my Saturday was rather random, but scary. I was on my cell talking to two friends while my family was driving down to this valley to do some weekend shopping. All of the sudden, I am screaming "Oh My Gaaaaawd!!!!" over and over and over again. I actually saw a three car accident right in front of my eyes! It was scary, man!
A car was speeding to fast on an intersection, and it launched the one in front of it, into the car ahead of that one. It was a perfect example of a dominoe effect. I was wide-eyed and shocked. We watched while at a red light. Then the car who started it all ran away!! The other two were stopped in the middle of the road, smoking a little with huge parts missing. My dad, and tons of other cars sped after the guy, trying to catch him. A couple of us cars cornered him, and people took his picture. I know he was scared, but he shouldn't have run away. It had made the situation look worse and made him appear guiltier. We left then.
Mom was catapulted in a huge lecture about seatbelts, the chances of us being that car, and parents debated abotu the death penalty. It was a very action-packed ten minutes. It must have sounded really weird to my friends on the other line.
It was really cool, though, to see all the cars chasing after the criminal. It proved to me that there is justice in the world, you just have to be there at the right time. I hope no one got hurt, but the drivers side was the one hit. It looked like it from my view, anyways.

On a happier tone, I spent the day with my Aunt. She came over and toured our new house. Then we went out to dinner with her at this adorable little chinese inn that had the most delicious servings. It was so small!! Its was like my living room kind of small!!! It was so worth it.

I have reading to do, so I will sign off now.

Have a Happy Sunday Tomorrow!

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anna_banana said...

oo. scary. I hate seeing accidents