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Monday, February 4, 2008

Give Back To The World

Breast cancer is a nightmare, only it is real. There is a site online that is willing to donate one free mammogram to underprivelaged woman perday. They need to reach a certain amount, though. If you go on this site:, please click on the pink window in the center. It says "Clear Here To Give-It's Free". It is wonderful and easy task that you should even put on your favorites so you can do it everyday, more than once. Sponsors will help fund mammograms for every click we give.

It is basically saving a life of an innocent woman, for exchange of moving your mouse finger. Not that big of a deal, and everybody can do this harmless little thing.

Please go on, even if you have already, DO IT AGAIN! It can't hurt.

Also, at the top of the page, go an look at the multiple tabs: hunger, childcare, rainforest, etc. Go and click on each one every day to donate to that certain society to. You can put one on your favorites, than do each one everyday!

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Anonymous said...

woah. that is really cool. Thanks for sharing this.