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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Saturday

It totally feels as if I posted yesterday, but apparently I did not.....weird. Oh well. I am over that, for now.

I am still fairly addicted to Evanescence's "My Immortal". I just think it is just so captivating! I am playing it in the background right now on youtube.

Besides that, I have a basically semi-worry free weekend. I do not have to worry about any homework or projects, besides this HUGE state writing test next week. I love writing, but these are essays that you have to do right then and there. They do not even tell you what you are going to be writing about or in what essay form. I have to wait until that day. So, that means I will have to review all of them. fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn. :(

I am not going to sweat about that so much, though. Shoot, I just touched the Quickplay button on my laptop and I have to go exit-----never mind. That probably did not make much sense. Sorry!

Here at home it is still cold: the weather I HATE. Why can't the summer just come? Like now? And stay? Like forever? I wish..........

My backyard looks so cruddy outside. Everything is in random wet patches, and leaves, twigs, etc. decorate our green grass. We have pepper trees; they are quite the mess. The sky is not blue, though I long for it to be. It is ugly, fat, fugly, not really. Just overly cloudy and overcast. Nothing enjoyable, in my opinion. Mom and I were going to go out later today; I wonder if that is still going to happen.

See you until later,

Ellie. :P

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Anna Rains said...

hey ellie! This is anna_banana, but I finally got an account and a blog. I have been commenting on yours for a while, so do you think you could check mine out? Thanks!