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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Umm..Well..Now you've met Amy.

About my evening:
Mom and I went to a theater to see the play "Evita". I hope I spelled that right. I did not really understand the whole plot or theme, but the musical part was amazing. I enjoyed quite myself, although I was clueless the majority of the time.
The guy next to me, must have been there only for his wife or girlfriend. He looked SO bored! Every time I looked over, he was doing something different: leaving forward, leaning backwards, and playing with his hands. I nearly let out a giggle when I heard a popping noise and looked over to find him cracking his knuckles! The most amusing act from stranger guy was when he was examining his chap stick(it was dark, so I don't know what he was trying to prove), and then he slowly applied to his lips. I wonder if he could repeat one word from the play.

Evita was entertaining in more ways than one.
The only truly depressing part about going to go see Evita, was missing American Idol! Somebody pleeaasee tell me what happened??? :(


dot said...

Where is your J post???

Tal said...

So nothing was really important, just that David Cook had an amazing performance, and David Archuleta had a weird one. All the rest are not important :)