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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just came to an amazing conclusion about this blog. I really don't give a care whether people read or comment any of my posts. No, I really don't. It is simply that I feel this intense desire to document my life because in retrospect, I am piecing together one kick butt scrapbook. Technically speaking, of course. So, whenever I'm headed down Lazy Lane, or Town(congrats to anyone who gets that reference), and I refuse to thoroughly blog about my day, perhaps I'll just list off the different events that happened from start to finish. It's a nice little way to reflect on everything that occurred, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be. So yes, this blog is for my benefit. Certainly not yours. :)

Woke up and wanted to cry, like normal. Morning never get better for me. Forced myself to get dressed and prepare for school.
I'm developing some infection perhaps(?) in my eyes, where it is swollen and bloodshot, despite how many hours of sleep I get. This happened EXACTLY one year ago, too! Talk about bizarre.
Choir was enjoyable. Working on Mary Poppins songs for the District Festival tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to that because I love performing with my choir!
Dance was dance. We learned how to do a backwards somersault. It hurts. I must be doing it wrong. Whatever.
Spanish. Only missed one on my espanol examencito, meaning that would be an A+. Guess who got an "Excelente" sticker?
English. Sub. Weirdish. Wrote a business letter. No biggie.
Geometry. Review for tomorrow's Chapter Ten quiz. I think I got this. Maybe. Hopefully.
Lunch. SSS meeting. Not very productive, but at least I got to take a bit of a breather mid way through the day.
Yearbook. Not too bad, honestly. Leisurely working on interviews and rewriting snippets here and there. Phil is teaching me how to make a crane. How exciting.
Biology. I actually got question number 3C right on the homework! That deserves an article in the local Acorn. Boom Baby. Too bad I still have a B+ in the class. Fudge my life.

Tutoring Caleb. Never a bad thing. I see Rachel and Sarah, too. :)

Tacos for dinner. It was eh okay. I should perhaps admit to mi padre that I do not enjoy tacos as much as he believes I do.

Visit to Office Depot after dinner con mi madre. We didn't find what we were looking for(good sized dry erase board to help me study), but we did meet a nurse with the TINIEST little dog I have EVER seen in my life. Its head was half of my first, man. Her name was Zoe, and her owner said that she had recently been called back for television casting calls to be on some show. Look out for an adorable pupster on t.v. whose real name is Zoe. Just for the record, I have been kissed(licked) by her. Cutie :)

After going to Office Max just thirty seconds away, we found what we were looking for and headed home. I mastered SPanish Chapter whatever we're on(ten??) for tomorrow's fill-in quiz, typed up my genius business letter, enjoyed an episode of Glee(AHHHHH <3),>

Evening to you all. Have a good Hump Day tomorrow. :)


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