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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mayo Magic

Thanks for the sick advice. I decided on two tablets of "non-drowsy" sudafed. Less than half an hour later, I was dead asleep in my bed.

Much better for an hour after I woke up, then back to bad. I'll be taking two more tablets later. Hopefully, that will do the job.

As for my mayo magicness, I had mayonnaise rubbed all over my hair and scalp today by my mom! GROSS, RIGHT????????!!!!!!!?!?!?

Apparently, my mom did that all the time when she was young. Her hair is rather smooth and silky. After letting the mayo sink in and taking a shower, it came out as soft as . . . real strands of silk!

Isn't that just interesting?

4 comments: said...

mayo? i have never heard of that treatment.

but what i remember from my much younger days, i see my mom slicing fresh aloe vera plant ( we have like tons of those) and proceeded to apply on her hair.

like you said. it does make the hair silky and "glowing"


Katie said...

Glad to hear youre feeling better. It's funny how Non Drowsy meds make you even more sleepy...I've had that same exact issue!

And I've never heard of the Mayo Method! I don't know that I'll ever try it...haha. Something about the same thing that goes on my tuna going in my hair :)

Hope it works for ya though :)

Mari said...

That non drowsy stuff always makes me droawsy. Go figure. And I'm full up with it this weekend. I hate germs. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Me said...

I've never heard of doing that with mayo... interesting!! :)It sounds messy but hey, if it works.... :)

Thanks for stopping by also and Happy House-aversary! :)