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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Greetings people of the blogosphere!

I come in peace!

Ha... I really wanted to do that....

I would like to announce that I am holding a competition for the most random comment!

Starting now!

Or technically, when you finish reading this post!

Just post a comment, and you better make it WACKY, wild, CRRAAAZZZYY, and noodle-licious!!!!!!

Things like:

tony's macaroni is scuba diving over a sponge bucket of cheese!

See how I did that?

I'll announce the winner(s) sometime in the near future. Please Please Please give it a try for all sakes of humanity!!!!


Tal said...

David Cook is AMAZING haha

dave said...

when the moon says it's ok, i'll finally be able to say no. as long as the twins are born in time for their thirteenth birthday. tiger lily is atomic destruction backwards if you stand on your head while counting it sidewards.

Anonymous said...

If arachnids light up the geographic swirl of literature that is my enigmatic ice cream cone, then why is it that infinities are yellow with a hint of blue and green? What happened to the chrysanthymums that maimed my portfolio of atomic greek mythology wrinkles? HMMM? Cool hwip isn't the peel all the time.

-Transformer xD