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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So...This Is The New Year?

I woke up, had a breakfast that was quick and quiet with my family. The second we were finished, we all dressed in rags to go over to the old apartment to clean up. From 11:00 am. to 6:00 pm, we all had to go back and forth upstairs, and down crouching on the mold-infested floor to clean up that awful apartment. I felt suffocated with the fumes of cleaner. My parents had to move our sofa down the staircase..NOT GOOD. They nearly let go of it when they were going downstairs and sent Mum flying. Luckily, we had our neighbor open the door to find us there in need, so she assisted my parents. Later, we found out that Dad had thrown out his back during the move.

Mum was sick and blowing her nose constantly, yet we were all down on our knees.

I got to take a shower after, yet it was rushed and uncomfortable.

I was relieved when my parents were going to treat us all out to dinner, until dinner was spoiled. The one meal that Dad had been looking forward to ever since it was being advertised, one of the sole reasons for us going over there, was all gone. He said that if he had known that before, we all would have walked right out of that place. Then, the waiter comes back to tell me that they ran out of cornbread and they could give me garlic instead. Who was I to say no? The bread didn't taste so good. We didn't even get the pie were thinking about, which looked so good, yet too sweet for me.

I would like to have friends over, but we are just not ready for company, and it will apparently rain, which would trap us inside the house, anyways.

My life at the moment really sucks. It really does. Finally, when I am feeling a wee bit better, I have to go to school on Monday.

Did I mention I didn't even get to watch the ball drop last night(technically this morning.)?

Hopefully everyone is having a better life than me.


Tal said...

Hey, look at the bright side! You go back to school on Monday. I'm going back to school in 9 hours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ellie! I'm sorry your life has been kinda complicated. When you get everything settled in your new house things will hopefullylighten up.
Miss u and luv u!

-Amy <3