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Friday, January 4, 2008

Ha Ha Ha, Never Mind.

I woke up, and Dad was saying that he was going to get the old manager from our old apartments to come on over and see if he could fix our lack-of-power situation. We had grown very close to him in the time we've both been there.

I was still in my room, I hardly noticed it when they were both by the fuse box(Dad found it in the back of the house) tinkering around with it. Apparently it is an old one, different from the type they have now.

After a while, we learned that all we needed to do was push the button that was forced out a little bit farther than the others, because that is what happens when circuits are blown, I guess.

Not a problem. Everything is back and running. I even tested all of the outlets to make sure by plugging in a mini nightlight in each one. Nice and simple, yet it works.

Happy Friday!

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