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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trying To Keep A Promise I am. Taking a break from my studying to post tonight. I have an English exam tomorrow, that isn't looking so good right now. Hopefully, if I really concentrate later, I will be able to focus and retain the material I am reading.

Hopefully you've heard of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight series author. If you haven't, look. her. up.

I am reading the second, New Moon, and it is super delicious. I love it. Teen vampire romances are the best. Thanks to Rachel for being the first to have a HUGE craze on Twilight(who also let me borrow Twilight a while back), which got everyone else reading, and thank to Andrea for lending me her copy. Thanks to Juliette in advance for letting me borrow the third book. Thanks once again, to all of my friends because these books are super good! Recommendable to all teens. It's strangely addicting. I've got a lot of thanks going around tonight.

Reminder: I still LOVE LOVE LOVE The Golden Compass(and Charlotte's Web.) That shall always be true. I'm going through a Twilight phase at the moment.

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