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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Official: We're Totally Moved Out

After we moved on the 21st, we were still going back and forth between the house and the apartment, doing some last-minute cleaning and bringing over things we might not have loaded up yet. On New Year's Day, we even had our "mega-clean up". So, we weren't completely moved. That one day was just to get our big things out(beds, refrigerator, sofa, entertainment centers, etc.), so we would be able to sleep in the new home. We still had a lot of things over at the apartment.

Today, we finally did it: we said our last good-byes. I'm not that good at saying so long...forever. I like to dwell on the last minute. The week before the move, I was always saying "here's my last Monday". The next day Tuesday, then Wednesday, and so on. I even said, my last weekend, my last time I would wake up in this bed, on this day, in this apartment. I was going crazy the week before. I even do that before vacations. But, I wouldn't be returning this time.

Anyways, back to saying good-bye:

Dad drove us over to my Mum's work to get the second house key(my Mum had one, and my Dad had one), and the mail key. Three keys altogether. Then he drove us over to the rental office for the apartments and chatted with the manager for a while, as we settled all last deals: giving a forwarding address, paying the last rent, collecting our files, all that good stuff. Once we drove out of the parking lot, that place was history. I once lived in a two bedroom apartment in that same complex since I was only a few months old, new to America. Once I grew a little bit older(like 6, 7, or 8 years of age), we moved to a different apartment(same complex), with three bedrooms. So, for as long as I have lived, I have been occupying my time in an apartment. Now that things are different, I can move on from my "I want a house" phase.

Just had to share my farewells with you.