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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rainy Wednesday

Of course it's rainy. It's sunny California! This doesn't make much sense, right? The only way to right the wrong is to get rid of the rain. I hope the weatherman hears me so he can do some ancient voodoo to keep the rain light and friendly, if he can't banish it completely. Homework has gone down, especially since I did many assignments that were do tomorrow and Friday. I needed to catch up so I could focus on my essay.

Tal, don't listen to me. I'm just being weird. I exaggerate a wee bit on the homework. You probably have much more challenging things. I'm a wimp with homework. Classwork, I can do.

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Tal said...

Ellie, I do listen to you. Maybe because I can :D and believe me, from what you say, your school is the hardest one I've ever heard about.
The weather in MD is ok, with about 34 degrees outside. We expect showers/snow in the weekend. No one likes it anymore though, we had snow last Thursday and it wasn't that much fun.
Good luck with projects/assignments
Take care