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Monday, February 16, 2009

Time Flies

Today is February 16, 2009. As you probably know...

But, exactly two years ago, on this day, my father had a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. He had a stint put in that day and stayed in the intensive care unit for a few days. of course, I was sad then, but I'm just glad that things are back to normal, two years later. Isn't it weird how time just flies like that? I remember the days when I was itty bitty and my idea of art was drawing stick figures. Hmm.... Kind of odd, don't you think? I know this post probably doesn't make much sense, so you don't have to really comment on my blubber here. Just say hi or aloha or hola or whatever you wish to say. I think I'll go now, for I have bored myself already. Time to go to do something else. Happy Monday. :)

Love Always,


Delaney said...

Hey Ellie, Haven't talked to you in awhilE,and I am OBSESSED with the Twilight series, I wanted to know(since youa re just as obsessed as me) if you know where Twilight is still playing. Like In Michigan? I am going to see it this Saturday. Hopefully. And I wanted to know if know any place that is near Lansing that has any playing. Although I know that you live KNOWHERE near Michigan or Lansing. Just Curious. Have you even seen the movie?
Your Friend,

87291472-Sharky said...

Thinking of you.

87291472-Sharky said...

P.S. I haven't forgotten the tag :>