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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Little Quirks

You know how everybody has those little random skills that they can do? Not really talents... They aren't particularly difficult. It's just that not everybody can do it. Anyways, here are some of mine:

I am really good at painting my nails. I get detailed. Booyah.

I am capable of peeling(ha, the first time i typed this, i forgot the 'l'. HA! whoops) an orange without breaking off the skin at any point.

I can shake my eyes. My friends, HG and AJ, can also do this. :)

I have neat handwriting. I have a bad day sometimes, but the majority of the time, my writing is nice. nice nice nice.

I can put in my own earrings. I know a lot of people can do this, too, but some find it challenging to find the piercing up in the lobage(this a word?)

I can touch my eye without my contacts in and not feel squeamish.

I can come up with an interpretive dance at any given moment. Yeah. I really can.

The point of this post was so that I could focus more on things I am particularly good at, compared to things I'm not. Many spend too much time dwelling on the sour pickles of life. Shake it up a bit. Have a cucumber. Woah, that's my new official favorite quote.
Love Always,


Anonymous said...

That's you alright!!! :D Haha, after reading each one, I sort of nodded to myself. It's aLL SO TRUE.

Urgh. Caps lock.


Mrs. F said...

Whoa! The eyeball trick is really cool!