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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Non Rant

Unfortunately, i do not have oodles and doodles and noodles of time to rant about nothing like i normally do. But, i am trying to keep a schedule here by posting at least every other day. Even if i post one word, feel free to say hi or comment or rant about your own lives. but then again, that is the point of a blog. oh, well. I'm ranting again.

have a fabulous rest of hump day, or more likely, day after hump day.

I wonder why i all of the sudden stopped and started randomly capitalizing the first word in sentences. Wait, no i didn't. it is just the i's. hmmm. sorry, babbling again.

also, please check out this video against Prop 8. Stop the hate. No on 8. But I don't want to start a fuss.

Love Always,


Denise said...

Hi Ellie!

Delaney said...

Hi Ellie, it's me again. I found out that Twilight isn't plaaying anymor, and that made me very sad. If you heard from my friend Hannah, she did not mean to post that many times. Ha Ha.