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Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember Me?

I am so sorry everyone! Really, I am! I know that it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth and glued myself to a barnacle! But this is not the case! I am back! And I will try to post on a regular basis! I hope I have not upset anyone with my frequent absenses! Not that I expect you to visit my humble bloggy abode every waking moment of your life. Though it would be nice. Actually, no it wouldn't. Maybe once a day, or so. Or really, whenever you have the chance. But I digress...It will probably take time to get my readers back, but that is okay. I deserve the struggle.

Anyways, here is a brief recap of my life since you last heard of it. All is well. The year has made a delightful turn for the better. I am no longer in a pit of despair, not that I ever really was. Well, I kind of was. Just for a little bit. I'm all better now. Don't you worry about me. :)

I have not seen any good movies recently. Nor have I read any mind blowing books. Of course, I reread Twilight. Speaking of Twilight, the sequel to the movie, New Moon, is in the makes(is this phrase used correctly?). If you are a rabid fan like myself, I would suggest you bookmark my favorite fansite . Daily updates and awesome news on anything Twilight worldwide.

Here are a few of my current favorites to get everybody back up-to-date:

hobbies: reading, writing, singing, dancing, photography(YAY! I WILL BE UPDATING PICTURES OFTEN NOW...I PROMISE... NOT LIKE THE TIME I SAID I WOULD AND THEN I JUST DIDN'T...)

color: blue and green

music: Wicked album; Twilight album; Paramore; Jason Mraz

Well, actually, that was kind of pointless. You could have just gone and peeked at my profile. Oh, wow. At least my fingers are getting a nice exercise here. FINGERS OF STEEL!

"Sunny California"

Not exactly. At this very moment, it is raining rainbows and ponies. I hate strongly dislike it. I am staying cozy with about seven layers including a sleeping bag in bed. Starbucks signature hot chocolate. Staring absent-mindly at the flickering flames of the furnace. Snuggling with pillows and whatnot. This is my life during the winter. In case I haven't reminded you lately, or you just forgot, but I strongly dislike hate the cold weather.

There you have it. My so called "brief" recap.


kyles said...

Hey Ellie,

Welcome back...missed ya! Your life is sounding the opposite to what we have here in aus at the moment, fires in one end of the country and floods...weird weather :( I love Jason Mraz as well...thanks for the update :)

kyles said...
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Tandice the Dreamer said...

I soo missed you!!!! said...

hei ellie girl =] WB!

Dave said...

glad to have you back again ellie

nasha said...

hi ellie
Happy Valentine Day!!! and welcome back...i do check on your blog on daily basis...:)