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Friday, December 5, 2008


I am so excited! I am going to see Wicked on Sunday!!!! Wooohooootie!!!!!

Two of my best friends and I(mind you, I have about a million and a half best friends. Well, not really, but you get the point, right? I sure hope so....) are going to see the most amazing thing performed on stage!!! Twilight was in a theater, so they are completely different.

Tickets! Yay! Go tickets! They are our lovely road to those fabulous seats in that marvelous theater that will present to us a fantastic musical! KNOWN AS WICKED!!!

Has anyone out there ever seen or heard(surely you have?) of it? Anyone have any experiences they would like to share with our happy circle here at My World Through Brown Eyes?
Ellie :)
Also, aren't you so grateful for Friday? I don't think I could have handled another weekday!
Happy weekend to you all!
One more thing, anyone know any cool emoticans for Blogger? Like how to make a real smiley besides :) or a heart besides <3>
Love Love,
MEEE :) <3


Amy said...

I have not seen it myself, but every one that I know that has...loved it!
I hope you do too!
Have fun!

<.:OeCd:.> said...

Nope, but don't read the book. I fell asleep during the book.