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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Such A Stick Of Scrumptious Selery

I am aware that I spelled celery wrong in the title. I thought it would be a bit off to spell it with a 'c' and then have the rest of them with s's!

Anyways, something odd happened to me this evening.

I made myself some hot chocolate. The weather is really getting me down. I HATE the cold, and it has officially arrived. Back to my hot chocolate. I used creamy milk with milk chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, one HUGE marshmallow, chocolate shavings, chocolate syrup, and oreo crumbles. Pretty much diabetes in a mug*. I sat down at the dining table and dipped my mega spoon into the hot chocolate. I tasted the chocolate, and I was extremely surprised when it tasted strangely like celery! Honestly! It tasted strongly like celery! I don't know! Am I getting sick or something? Anyone else heard of something like that, so I'm not too concerned?

It was completely unexpected! Like that time my leg vibrated! But that is a different story....

Oh yeah, we got a live Christmas today. It has an utterly wonderful and fresh fragrance!

*please don't be offended by this diabetes remark. I'm just trying to pull the point across that it was a huge mug of unhealthy palooza.


Kellan said...

That doesn't sound too yummy! Enjoy your tree - that sounds very nice! Have a good week - Kellan

<.:OeCd:.> said...


Mrs. F said...

Gross. I mean, it sounds so delish, but celery flavored? Blech!