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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


You guys are awesome! So so awesome!

You like videos, don't you? And cool things? Extraordinary things? What about extraordinarily cool videos?

Well, I have some for you! Isn't this somewhat cute to you? Although slightly creeps and 100% random?

<3 Ellie


Amy (u know....yeah...) said...

Hi Ellie!
I remember you showing me this the day we went to Jason Mraz...I can't stop watching it. It's amazing. The other day I was thinking, "what if there was a man crossing the street in a smail suit right now?" haha. Thanks for sharing again! Miss youuuuu!!!



Amy (you know...yeah...) said...

oops...typo! I meant "snail suit" (i wrote smail instead!)


happy bday to rachel...again!

<.:OeCd:.> said...

That video was weird... But it was Funny!

Mrs. F said...

I would have keeled over and died of laughter if I was driving one of those cars that had to wait...HILARIOUS!!!