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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today we went over to my aunt's house. She had her birthday recently, and well, of course, Christmas is coming up soon! Yay! Hoorah! Yip Yip Yippie!!!!

She taught me how to crochet!!

How cool is that?

So on the way home, I had already finished crocheting a bracelet. My aunt had given me two hats and a boa to match for the holidays. I love being able to make my own accessories and to accessorize with what I have made! I will soon get pictures up of my latest creations.

Any exciting weekend stories out there to share?

Happy Holidays from a happy Saturday!


Pat Posner said...

Happy Hols, Happy Crocheting and all best for 2009, Ellie

xxPat and Tessa B

Delaney said...

My grandma taught me how to crochet but silly me, I lost my crocheting hook, (I lose everything!!) I still have my yarn, so in the meantime I have been latch hooking. Just as fun, but gets boring and hurts your back after a while. You take the hook, it looks a lot like a crocheting hook but it has a little latch door, and the yar-well you can look it up on google or something, or else this comment will never end!!
Delaney :-D