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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I guess I shouldn't complain. As said by Delaney in the previous post, some places are SNOWING! Wowzies! Can't even imagine how cold it would be then! Probably to the point that you couldn't feel anything at all, so the cold wouldn't even matter!

I have family in the Philippines.

My cousin was in a supermarket, store, whatever, when a bomb went off across the street. They are not holding the annual Christmas masses that are very special and should have started on the 16th. Who are we to complain that it is a little cold? Some have already died...

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Delaney said...

WOW!! That is kind of scary, that a bomb went off. Today already this morning, we didn't have school so I got to stay home, me and my broter played out in the snow, like you said, once it gets so cold you can't feel anything. That is what happened today, to my FACE!! How cold it is there?