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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Finally, the point of the work week that indicates it's almost over! Over half way through! I guess that's the best part about having a five(uneven) day week to work: only two days into it, your miserable, but wait just one more day, and you're almost done!!

A conversation with my friends:

Which Came First: the chicken or the egg?

My theory:

I believe that the egg came across from the cross-breed of two prehistoric creatures(basically the same as my other friend, Holly, and my other friend's(JJ) science teacher.

What's your theory?


Tal said...

G-d created 2 chickens and they brought eggs to the world (?)
I never actually thought about it..

Andrew said...

I believe the egg evolved along with the chicken. It is a fascinating question though isn't it? It has mystified many.

So glad to see you still writing. I know I write about some heavy and adult stuff and you probably don't want to read all that junk. I still read you though and need to comment more. Keep up the blogging! You amaze me with your writing skills for your age! Your parents must be very literate!

Take care Elle,

Jonathon Andrew