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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Finally, we have received something that doesn't often com upon us....rain. Our poor land here definitely needs to quench its thirst. Water is probably something it has longed for a while now.

I guess I can say good-bye to the hot days of summer, and say greetings to fall and winter. I hope fall gets itself over with, also. I'm not that big of a deal for this season. It doesn't seem very significant. I have not a problem if you favor Fall, or Autumn..whatever you want to call it, but I favor Spring the most. (then summer, and winter, and autumn.)

Hopefully everything(weather wise) is going great for you wherever in the world you are!


Tal said...

Summer will go back in no time, don't worry about it. Besides, it's never too cold in California.

All best

Andrew said...

We need rain here in Alabama badly! Send some this way! I hope you are having a good weekend. I still pondering the bowling pin issue. You made me want to go bowling to see if that was true! lol I am so obsessive compulsive its pitiful. hah!