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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I will finally be able to just relax. I have five days off from school!!! Yes!! FREEDOM! I have been pretty stressed with all of the projects going around now. Now I am given some free time to just lay back and relax. All of Monday and Tuesday were pretty good. I actually enjoyed it quite a bunch. Nothing really wrong. I had a math exam today, but it was fairly easy. Not the kind of test I could just zip through, but the kind where I understood what I was doing, kept a good pace, and had enough time to check my work and read for a while.

I have a question, though:

Is it seriously impossible to get chicken pox more than once in your lifetime? I haven't gotten them, yet, and I am worried. A couple people I know have already told me that it is worse when you receive it as an adult, because it is more harsh. That just doesn't sound to fun for me.

Another health-related question:

Have you ever noticed how whenever you get some type of flu vaccination, you tend to get the flu right after?

Maybe it is just me and stuff, but I've seen that happen often. My Mum's friend at work, just got a shot to prevent these kind of things, but she also just got sick from(guess what..), the flu!!! Hmm...coincidence? Physics? Weird?

One more non-health-related question:

Has anybody actually licked a tootsie roll Lolly pop and and counted how many times it took them to reach the center. I know two people in a couple of my classes who have. I think, if my memory serves me right, it took the at least half an hour for over 2,000 licks. Hmmm....

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Tal said...

Chicken pox- you might get it when you're old but it has a differnt name and it's harsh. I know someone who had chicken pox in 6th grade, but you should ask a doctor or something.
About the flu, well, the vaccine contains the virus in it so it makes sense that they'll a person will have a flu.

Have fun in Thanksgivig eating a giant turkey (I'm seriously considering becoming vegetarian during this holiday)...