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Friday, November 30, 2007

Eureka! Friday!

Okay, so. Friday at last. Mum and Dad's anniversary was lovely. We all went out to dinner being treated by my Dad's daughter(only my half-sister). We all sang him Happy Birthday and got a piece of his birthday cake. It was quite nice!
Once again, I haven't been posting very often due to homework. It has got me so stressed out....again. I just got my new topic for my new research report. Come on! Already?? I guess so. Well. Woah! I just realized I have the whole Christmas color deal going on. LOL.
Tomorrow I am going to be completing my nice deed of volunteering to clean up my church tomorrow at 9:00. Awww.. How cute. yeah, well....I need to have the hours for a class. I'm okay with that, but still. I think I have mentioned this prior to this post, but oh well. Now that the time has come, I am going to mention it again.
Alleluia! I honestly don't know how to spell that word, so mind me. Anyways...... We finally got some rain! It was so satisfying to wake up to rain sprinkling heavenly upon my window pain! To smell the fresh shower thrust upon our state! Oh, how we needed it so much! It feels great. Except for the whole "I'm freezing but life off" situation. Well. One more announcement. My friend Rachel is going to have her birthday this Monday! yay! I think she is the oldest out of all of my close friends. Not quite sure, though. You can Bet on it, just don't Push it to the limit. This is the life! Isn't it Fabulous?
Ellie :)

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Tal said...

Hey, I likw weird comments :-)
While writing this my hands are freezing. It's something like 34 degrees outside right now. Insane. We are expected to have rain tomorrow, but it'll probably (if it rains) will turn into snow. I don't like snow but days off of school are great....
Glad you had fun. How old is your friend?
Don't study too hard.