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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Time!

So sorry that I haven't had much time to post. So cramped with homework! I can feel the stress again. Here's my schedule so far:

Monday: Started reading Charles Dickens in English(I don't even want to talk about how much homework I had in this subject). History wasn't bad. Math=boring. Science=BORING.

Tuesday: Read more Dickens. Had a sub in history, we watched the most boring video EVER. I finally got to eat half of my lunch outside of a classroom. Math=not so easy, review for test. Science, review for test.

Wednesday:(what I have scheduled). Test in math, BENCHMARK TEST! Homework review in all other classes(not very fun). Mini "decathlon". Not really. You can check out their site at *sigh

Thursday: Science test! Not very hard, just not very fun. I strongly dislike exams. I usually do good on everything, but I just don't enjoy taking them. Parent's anniversary and Dad's birthday! WHAT ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Friday: Relax! Not really. We are getting our grades back from our previous History research report(uh oh!), and we are getting the topics of our new ones. Do they not allow us a little break!?!??! I have to go home and then work on a research report!!!!

Saturday: Volunteer at my church for three hours. Not only do I have to get up earlier(not get up, but really get dressed) earlier then I want to, but then I am helping cleaning up. I have to get volunteer hours for each trimester because of one of my classes, and I really don't mind, so I am starting early. It's just that, there goes my Saturday morning slouch!

Sunday: Now I have to start on my research report. Mum and I go to the library every single week(she has a volunteer job there). How fun does that sound? Using up my other weekend day to do studies. Hmmmm.....

Hope I didn't ruin any one's day by droning on and on and on, but this is a pretty good way to "talk" about things.

'Till Next Time:

Ellie :)

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Tal said...

I was wondering why you didn't write becasue you usually write every day. Now I knwo.
Life's good isn't it? I know what you mean. They ask for so much, you don't have time to breathe. Its insane.
Well, winter break in less than a month (if that helps).

Take care and don't freak out