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Saturday, November 24, 2007


So, I visited my friend Amy today at her house. We attend different schools, and it was really nice to see each other(you know, school rivalries are going around.) She has the most adorable pets! Two dogs, a tank of saltwater fish(imagine the colors!), and two new kittens they recently got. They were fostering them and others, and then they got to keep two! So lucky! They are absolutely adorable! It was extremely nice to see her.

When Mum and Dad picked me up, we were supposed to go and renew our passports(my dad and I had ours expired, while Mum's was still fine for a few more years). Of course, we weren't the only ones who had heard about the amazing opportunity. There was a line out the door(it was held at the post office), and there was a zigzagging line on the inside, also. We decided that it totally wasn't worth it.

Right now, I am eating spoon fulls of my frozen Starbucks strawberry creme frappuccino. Yum! I love freezing yummy treats! They taste so delicious the next day. Thanks, Tal, for the information on the double chocolate chip frappucino. I have heard a lot about it, and it was my second choice, but I just felt so much like I needed to have strawberries. Does anybody know the true spelling of frappuccino? I would be terrified to look as if I new how to spell it when I really didn't!

Also, awful news! Another Malibu fire arose! I am so upset! I just heard that a man from out of state moved into his house, and not even after one night there, he was evacuated from his house due to the flames. What a horrible California welcome! I have it on the news covering the topic now. Dad explained to me that the fire was the reason as to why the clouds looked so peculiar earlier. Not to say, the were gorgeous, but definitely different. I hope that everything goes well for us here. Send the rain!

One more thing, I am now a proud supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. I just purchased one of their shirts that says "Hug a tree". I love it. If you can(and only if you can) donate! My Mum's work company donates about one hundred dollars per month! Awesome! Thanks for listening, and sorry for the unusually long post, for me at least.

Ellie. Hug a tree! Now!


Tal said...

You actually spelled frappuccino right :D
It's so sad that the best state in the whole entire world is on fire...
You did a nice thing, with the donation and everything. Good job.

Andrew said...

I am going to hug a tree when they dry off. It is raining here today. WooHoo!!!! I guess you go back to school tomorrow so good luck getting back into the grind. I don't envy you of having to do that. Take care, Ellie, and thanks as always for your comments and support of my blog.