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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jason Mraz

It is thanks to Amy that this post can be published. She has introduced to me a very talented artist whom I would like to share with you.

So, without farther ado,


Check out all of his awesome songs by simply clicking on the links!!!

I bet after this song, you were thinking about Colbie Caillat!!

Try this one now:

Oh yeah, sorry about the creepy picture in advance.

Spread the word about Jason Mraz!!!

Once again, thank you to Amy for providing us with this amazing music. :D


Raina said...

thanks. i looked at his video with colbie caillat and they sounded really great together.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!!! I love him too!! The Colbie Callait song is my favorite!


Kennidy said...

i really like your page... and we have a ton of the same music on our playlists like across the universe music, new soul, some maroon 5, and im yours.... my myspace is

i think my last name is either :) or =)

idontbelieveyou2 said...

i love ur blog... we have a lot of the same music on our playlist 2...

my last name is :) or =)

Anonymous said...

jason Mraz is an amasing artists
recently my cousin got married and ther'e fun, young and easy going people. after the ceremony they walked out of the church and Im Yours played. It was perfect. Their first dance was also to Im Yours. It was a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing the love. xx

Ivy said...

Hi!!I love this blog,I have a friend named ellie,and yall r just alike!That soing,rainbow vains,thank you for putting it up there cause if you didn't,i would have never heard the wounderful thing.And i love jason Mraz!Hes like the hipee version of robert pattinson!This blog is the reason i made one!ivyisawesome is what i think its called...later!

Ivy said...

hi again o.o i just wanted to ask where did you get that mouse,feather thing?thank you! (my page is )

rach said...

hi , i just stumbbled across this little site , and im so glad i did because it is amazing. I LOVE your music three of them are my ultimate favorate songs . so yeah i just thought i had to say how nice it is and that its been the highlight of my must have worked so hard on it. THANK YOU xxx love to all . (oh and jason mraz is awsome)love rachel ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm rachel, i just stumbled across your blog and im so glad i did, it's divine .i love Jason Mraz (thats how i wound up here) and your site is so amazing im going to have to add it to my favorates . Thank you for making my day . Love to all xxx ♥ Rachel (oh if you have the time my piczo site is .) here comes the sun ..... ♥ Thank you again xxx

Ivy said...

I love your blog!And that, i was laughing about that today, and my dad thought i was a loon.
anyway,i made a blog and it would be so cool for you to check it out!