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Monday, June 30, 2008

Gas Prices!

What are gas prices like for you? For us, they are absolutely CRAZY! Everything has been going up in price. I remember the good old days when my dad would fill up his car for two dollars and whatever cents. Before then, it was in the three-dollar range. We all thought that we would never see it under three dollars again.

We were wrong. For a while, the prices were very reasonable, I remember. Now, though, they are horrible. It was quite a shocker when the numbers hit four dollars, but we would be grateful for that price now, compared to our average of $4.55. Not exactly, but aroundish there. It is predicted that gas will run about seven dollars in the next year or so. Ridiculous, right?

I don't know about you, but these gas prices are unbelievable.

Have a Happy Monday! :)


Amy said...

Hi Ellie!
I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog.

Gas Prices are killing us too!
For the most part, I stay at home as much as I can with my boys, just to keep from having to waste so much money on gas. Lucky for me and my husband, they are as much of home bodies as we are.:)
I did a post about this very thing not too long ago. You can check it out if you would like.

I love your daisy picture.:) Daisies are my favorite, because they just seem like a happy flower.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by.


Here's the link; I hope it works.:)

Tracey_iPost said...

I remember when I first started driving and it was 99 cents a gallon! Okay, I am showing my age, but I agree this is crazy. Here in MD it is about $4.00 a gallon for regular. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mrs. F said...

I filled up in Corte Madera today for $4.69. Corte Madera is on the outskirts of San Francisco, in the North Bay area, I shudder to think what the price of gas is IN San Francisco, I know it is higher!! Yikes. Here in Sacramento though it is about $4.43 and holding for over a week now! Shocker!

Mrs. F said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that you had asked me a question, dur. I got my signature from you kinda create it yourself there...not really, but you get to choose font size, graphics, and all that good stuff!

Mrs. F said...

At the end of the process you click on "Use this signature" (or whatever it says) and the next step is to generate an html code. That code you will just insert into each post. Save that code. Hope this helps.


Mrs. F said...

Awww, it is cute! And yes...every single time!

***BLOND GODDESS *** said...

Wow and I thought that $3.98 was bad! Ekkk. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Mariposa said...

Gas prices are horrific here! It eats most of my budget...and it keeps increasing every week!

I'm at work...but I'm sure to be back here to read more...

Denise said...

In Horn Lake, MS, gas is averaging $3.85 per gallon. I'm thinking of buying some sort of scooter to get to work.
See you later.

Denise said...

In Horn Lake, MS, gas is averaging $3.85 per gallon. I'm thinking of buying some sort of scooter to get to work.
See you later.