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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Surprisingly Nice Sunday

In general, this has been a very nice weekend. Very nice, indeed. On Saturday, my sister from Alaska and her friend had come down for a nice visit. We spent all day together and had grilled steaks for dinner out in my backyard.

Today, my mom decided to take a break from her library volunteer job. She stayed home and we relaxed a whole bunch. We all played badminton, had a satisfying breakfast and lunch, and my mom is now painting her nails while watching a movie.

On top of it all, the temperature has been in the nineties for both days. I am even in a tank top and shorts at this very moment.

I cannot remember having suck a lovely weekend, especially for a Sunday.

Hope your weekend has been superly fantastic, just as mine has!!!

By the way, I am trying out a new font that seems very interesting. Courier.....

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Tal said...

So you don't usually like Sundays?