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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well . . . I can safely say that I am in pain. I am trying not to move it a lot as I type. I should be very grateful that I have the opportunity for a vaccine, but it still hurts. Tomorrow in P.E., we've been doing stuff that will probably involve my arms. For example, I signed up to do a push-up test. I don't know when it will be held, though. Ouch.

My doctor said that I can call them for a note if I have to. I don't think I will, although the nurse warned me that it will be "sore" for a while. But then, she also told me that the shot wouldn't hurt. I had to do that trick where you bite your pinky so the pain is evenly spread out among your body.

One last note: thank god, the shot was on my arm.... :D


87291472-Sharky said...

Ellie. I'm sorry it hurt but you're funny :)
I always say if you bump your one elbow, you HAVE to bump the other one too so it neutralises the pain :) and then you're fine.
Same applies to stubbing one's toe (and that REALLY hurts). Kinda reluctant to neutralise the pain on that example though...
Thank you for what you said about the pictures. I love animals too. The meerkats especially. I could spend a whole day watching them. BTW, you have a good dad for asking what shot it was. He's just being careful. I wish you an excellent week ahead, and good luck with the exercises. You'll be fine :> and a Sunny smile back at you too!

Tal said...

Where else could it be?