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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Hair Day

Weirdly enough, I was having a really happy hair day. Everything seemed so swishy and in place. Nothing out of the could be my Suave cucumber melon conditioner.

Or maybe not.

Anyways, have a happy Wednesday(Hump Day).
Go up the hump for Monday and Tuesday, reach the top of the hump on Wednesday, and go down the hump until Sunday. My daddy taught me this. :P

Also, I loaned my cell phone to a poor family in a supermarket parking lot who had locked themselves out of their car. I was with my dad, and the family we helped had a wife, a teenage son, and a sobbing younger girl. I felt so good to help them!


Anonymous said...

that is a very nice deed u did.

Ellie said...

thanks. i think so too.